One of Canada's fastest growing healthcare companies.

-3 locations in Prescott- Russell 

-1 location in Perth Ontario 

Tel : (905) 339-1092

Our Locations


Résidence St-Mathieu

Hammond, Ontario


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Our Locations

Playing Chess

Résidence St-Mathieu

Hammond, Ontario

Our Homes


Auberge Plein Soleil

Alfred, Ontario


Villa St-Albert

St-Albert, Ontario


Rideau Ferry Country Home

Perth, Ontario

Our Mission

“To contribute and improve the health and well-being of it's residence by providing the best care to every patient possible"



The Johnathan Group is one of Canada's fastest growing healthcare companies. It has expanded its operations by 20 million in enterprise value in 2021.

For investment opportunities please contact us by using the contact form below.

To help us achieve our mission, the Johnathan group has leveraged over 30 years of experience in the field by retaining the services of BK Management. The management firm provides advice on significant operational matters, oversees appropriate systems and procedures to handle administrative and operational matters and also manages policies and procedures to support rules and strategic plan objectives.


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The Johnathan Group 

350 Lakeshore road east 

Oakville, Ontario 

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Tel : (905) 339-1092