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One of Canada's fastest growing healthcare companies.

- 4 locations in Prescott- Russell 

- 1 location in Perth 

- 1 location in Richmond

Tel : 905-315-9966 

Our Locations


Résidence St-Mathieu

Hammond, Ontario


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Our Locations

Our Homes

Playing Chess

Résidence St-Mathieu

Hammond, Ontario

Smiling Senior Woman

Rideau Ferry Country Home

Perth, Ontario

Senior Woman Dancing

Auberge Plein Soleil

Alfred, Ontario

Elderly Woman at Gym

Résidence Simon

Rockland, Ontario


Villa St-Albert

St-Albert, Ontario

Seniors Laughing

Richmond Lodge

Richmond, Ontario


Our Mission

“To enhance the health and well-being of our residents by providing the highest quality care to each individual, striving to make a meaningful contribution to their lives."



The Johnathan Group is one of Canada's fastest growing healthcare companies. It has expanded its operations by 28 million in enterprise value in 2023.

For investment opportunities please contact us by using the contact form below.

In pursuit of our mission, The Johnathan Group has effectively utilized over three decades of experience in the industry by enlisting the expertise of Horizon Retirement Management. This management firm offers guidance on crucial operational affairs, supervises the implementation of suitable systems and protocols for administrative and operational functions, and is responsible for the administration of policies and procedures that uphold regulations and align with strategic objectives.


Contact Us


The Johnathan Group 

1145 Sutton Drive, Unit 4

Burlington, Ontario 

L7L 5Z8

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Tel : (905) 315-9966


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